Renovating damp masonry

Away with damp masonry

The basic task of renovating plaster is to eliminate the consequences of moisture and the presence of salts in the masonry. Multisan renovating plaster is a lime mixture designed based on precision silicate (glass) beads made by the German company Poraver.

Multisan renovating plaster is ideal for both the external and internal environment. It has high thermal insulating and damp renovation properties. It is used for difficult cases involving rehabilitating damp masonry and especially in areas with a high risk of condensation. Multisan renovating plaster not only removes moisture, but it also provides substantial wall insulation, thus saving money on heating in winter or cooling in summer.

This modern renovating plaster has extremely low bulk density. Standard renovating plasters use
20-30 kg/m2 of material, so-called “energetic” renovation with Multisan renovating plaster needs only 7 kg/m2! This greatly simplifies and lowers the cost of both delivery and actual plastering costs.

Our plaster has 17x higher thermal insulation properties and at the same time twice the number of pores for storing salts. Standard renovating mixtures have an average porosity of 25%. Multisan reaches a porosity of 75%, which ensures a considerably longer lifetime than conventional renovating plasters.

Each renovating plaster has a certain vaporization capacity, i.e. water vapour diffusion. The lower the water vapour diffusion, the greater the ability of the plaster to remove moisture from masonry. Multisan has water vapour permeability of 7, which is a value 2 times higher than conventional renovating plasters. One very important factor is the maturation speed of renovating plaster. Ordinary renovating plaster must undergo several weeks of “cracking” before its final surface treatment; with Multisan renovating plaster, the final treatment (paint) can be applied after only 40 hours.

Benefits of purchasing our renovating products

  • Energy efficient renovating,
  • Higher porosity/lifespan,
  • Excellent thermal insulation value,
  • Application speed,
  • Environment-friendly.

Our products


Rising damp in masonry is a relatively common problem for older as well as new buildings. The consequence of rising damp is the unacceptable appearance of masonry finishes. A much more serious consequence may be the presence of hygienically unacceptable and health-threatening moulds, algae and other microorganisms. Our Multisan renovating plaster allows your facade to breathe and thus solves these problems.


Thanks to its active capillary properties, ThermoIN creates a healthy and comfortable living climate. It is used for facade and interior plastering as a surface treatment for Multisan and Multisan Xtra plasters. Using ThermoIN fine stucco provides significant savings on heating bills. ThermoIN plaster has a granularity ≤ 0.5 mm.