MultiSAN Xtra

New Generation Thermal Insulating Plaster

Pack size


Price per pack


15l = 1m2 = 22mm

Price on request

New Generation Thermal Insulating Plaster

Pack size:            15 l

Usage:                       15 l = 1m2 = 22mm

Price per pack:   Price on request

Thermal insulation is an idea currently of interest to an increasing number of homeowners and apartment owners. The reason is simple. With rising energy prices, thermal insulation of houses is a profitable investment which significantly reduces heating costs, and also means your house or apartment appreciates in resale value. There are already a number of options on the market for improving the thermal insulation of buildings. Some of the most widely used choices include the use of expanded polystyrene insulation or mineral wool. Our most recent product, the latest generation of thermal insulating plaster – called Multisan Xtra – is currently the newest thing on the market.


Multisan Xtra is perfect for plastering facades made of brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, glass, wood and metal substrates, including masonry and mixed materials with complex shapes. Due to its very low bulk density (350 kg/m3), Multisan Xtra effectively eliminates volumetric changes in the underlying materials.

Multisan Xtra thermal insulating plaster is ready dry mixture based on Poraver high-precision hollow silica (glass) beads, which, when mixed with water, produce a perfectly plastic and highly adhesive material that provides superb thermal and acoustic insulation of building walls. Thanks to its exceptional air-permeability and hydrophobic properties, Multisan Xtra plaster helps remove moisture, thereby preventing the formation of mould on the surface of walls and inside the building structure, and to create a healthy and safe environment in living areas. The natural structure of Multisan Xtra provides very good sound insulation and actively helps to create an echo-free sound environment.

When comparing the Multisan Xtra series with conventional construction insulating materials, we find that the Multisan Xtra series is stronger, more durable, more versatile, more water-repellent, more environmentally friendly and more resistant to cold, mechanical damage and cracks, and nor does it contain carcinogens.

Areas of use

MultiSAN Xtra thermal insulating plaster is intended especially for the surface treatment of exterior walls as well as interior applications. It is suitable for use as a base coat or as a final surface treatment.

Suitable for

  • New constructions (Porotherm 38+ material, Ytong 30+).
  • Reconstructing older single-family homes (brick 40+).
  • Listed and historic buildings.
  • At-risk buildings below ground level.