Ecological facade from glass

Thermal insulating facade Multisan Xtra is a revolutionary and completely unique product that has been developed using the latest principles in the field of construction thermal physics. The mixture is designed for application as external and internal plaster, with excellent thermal insulating properties, which have no direct competitor on the construction market.

Due to its unique properties, Multisan Xtra thermal insulating plaster ensures proper moisture regulation in the masonry – it keeps the wall permanently dry, and due to its diffusion properties (with a water vapour permeability coefficient of 7) it helps to quickly remove moisture and minimizes the formation of efflorescence, fungi and algae on the surface of and inside building components. Multisan Xtra thermal insulating plaster has a peak permeability values – it transmits water vapour but prevents the ingress of rain water and moisture into the masonry. In practice, this means that your house BREATHES.

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The main advantages of our facades

  • Good thermal insulation,
  • 3-4 times lighter than conventional plaster,
  • Long life, low maintenance,
  • High vapour permeability – your house breathes,
  • Low modulus of elasticity – eliminates micro cracks,
  • Excellent sound insulation,
  • Capillary activity,
  • Very good water repellency,
  • Can be coated after 48 hours,
  • For interior and exterior use.

Our products

MultiSAN Xtra

MultiSAN Xtra is a new generation of thermal insulating plaster suitable for plastering brick, cellular concrete, concrete and other types of substrates, including mixed materials and substrates with a complex shape. Due to its low density and low modulus of elasticity, the plaster is able to eliminate substrate volume changes and thus prevent the formation of cracks in the plaster. The bulk density of MultiSAN Xtra is 350 kg/m2. The granularity of this plaster is ≤ 2 mm.


ThermoIN fine plaster is intended for exterior plastering and for interior use as a surface treatment for MultiSAN Xtra plasters. Thanks to its active capillary properties, it creates a healthy and comfortable living climate. The granularity of ThermoIN plaster is ≤ 0.5 mm.